Winter Activities for Your Rapid City Vacation

Most people visit Rapid City and the Black Hills once the weather warms and hiking trails unthaw. What locals know however is that there is fun to be had while everything is frosted as well. Consider making the trip with your family to see the monuments, plains, forests and more under a blanket of snow.Winter Activities in the Black Hills

Our 6 Favorite Ways to Spend Winter in the Black Hills

  1. Ice skating at Rapid City’s Main Street Square
    Main Street Square makes for an idyllic winter scene, complete with cocoa and Christmas lights. The ice skating rink sits in the heart of downtown, giving a fun gathering place for families among the shops and restaurants.
  2. Swimming at an indoor water park
    If you’re more of a beach bum than snow bunny, you can still find some waves to splash in even in the midst of freezing temperatures. Warm up in the warm mineral waters at Evans Plunge, which remain a steady 87 degrees. For wet and wild fun though, WaTiki Indoor Waterpark is your place with their adrenaline-pumping waterslides.
  3. Snowmobiling over 350 miles of trails in the Black Hills
    Get out into the brisk, fresh air. Snowmobiling is a great way to discover the terrain of the Black Hills. The Black Hills snowmobile map will show you the trail heads and entry points nearest you.
  4. Visiting local vineyards and breweries
    We bet you didn’t realize South Dakota was a hub of craft brews and fine wines! Fruits that can withstand the cold, like chokecherries, rhubarb and blackcurrant add distinct flavor to the local wines. Delight your tastebuds and go on this curated wine and brew tour.
  5. Skiing and snowboarding
    No matter your level of experience, there are slopes in the Black Hills for everyone from the newbie to the pro. Terry Peak and Ski Mystic at Deer Mountain offer more than 600 acres of ski territory, and even tubing if you’d like to get off your feet. Both resorts make for an enjoyable day on the mountain, offering full rentals, instructors, restaurants and more.
  6. See the snowy monuments
    The faces of our forefathers are even more remarkable lit up on a peaceful winter evening. Mount Rushmore is open year-round, with far less crowds in the colder months. Take the opportunity to honor the history of our nation.

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